Visit the Pacaya Samiria reserve

Pacaya Samiria is a Peruvian National Reserve. Its extension is that of about 2,080,000 hectares and because of that it is Peru’s biggest ecological reserve.
The climate is that one typical of the tropical rainforest: very hot and quite very humid. There is a “Dry Season” extending from the months of May to October and then there is a season of heavy torrential rains lasting from December still March.

Our task

We work as guides, we provide all the necessary information to people so they can get to know the ecological wealth and the biodiversity found in the Pacaya Samiria Reserve extension, showing them and sharing our people’s way of life, their habits and customs.
Travelling and moving with us you could watch the quiet, peaceful manatee (sea cow), or the “bufeos” (dophins) in their environment. We can walk down the primeval forest where you would see the many different types of Amazonian trees and vegetation as well as a great variety of birds, monkeys, fish, insects, reptiles…
You will be enjoying the day light and night life of the Pacaya Samiria Reserve.

Other activities

  • Visit the communities Shipibo.
    After a day by the river Callería from Pucallpa, you will be part for a day and a half, of the daily life of the community, little visited by tourists, enjoying ancient life and culture.
  • Visit to Collpa de Guacamayos at Contamana.
  • Enjoy our bungalows.

Live and enjoy an unforgettable trip

Now you have the opportunity of visiting an undegraded ecological green space and area saved from the men activity and still kept in its natural and early condition.
Enjoy this exciting adventure!