How to get there

See a big map.

By Plane

By Land

By River

  • Henry: Jirón PROSPERO, 1392. Tlfno: (65) 26-3948. Iquitos.
  • Men del Norte.

We recommend

The ideal route in travelling into Pacaya Samiria Reserve last between 4 and 7 days. More than 3 days with transportation meanings to get to Bretaña and back.

If you can afford…

  • Some days: Bungalows (no mark on map): We’ll take you up at the Iquitos airport and in just 4 hours you’ll enjoy the relax of our bungalows, with a lot of planified activities for enjoying the nature.
  • One week: Tour to Pacaya Samiria Reserve (Green line in map): We recommend you tarvelling from Lima to Iquitos in a plane. We would get a boat at Iquitos to go from there down the Amazon river to Bretaña. Once in Bretaña our adventure would start when getting intot the Pacaya Samiria. Finishing it we would go back to Iquitos again and then fly back to Lima.
  • Two weeks or more: Long tour to Pacaya Samiria (Blue line in map): We could also travel from Lima to La Merced by bus; then you would have to take a 4×4 to Pucallpa. There we would get together boarding a boat going down the Amazon river to Bretaña. Your travel into the reserve Pacaya Samiria will start over more that one week. After visiting the Reserva we will travel the way up the Amazon river to Iquitos, to make a flight from there to Lima. This type of journey could take some 12 full days.

Note: Before taking the planes, buses or boats please get in touch with us, for we move or operate between Iquitos, Pucallpa and Bretaña. That way we could welcome you or indicate you the most convenient transportation way.
Also bear in mind there are no boats at Bretaña (only at Iquitos, Requena, Contamara and Pucallpa).